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Submitting new life insurance business

The opportunity for a completely contact-free process streamlines doing business

From starting the conversation all the way through policy delivery, Securian Financial offers you support and solutions — including the ability to provide clients with the life insurance coverage they need via a completely contact-free process.

Use the outline below as a guide for submitting new business to Securian Financial.

Start an application


Our customized eApp1 — available on our secured site for financial professionals or through iPipeline® — allows your clients to only answer relevant questions based on their demographic information and the product they’re applying for.

Apply via eApp

(registration required)

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Number two

Collaborate with your client

Digital part two

Available through our eApp, clients can complete the digital underwriting questionnaire (part 2) on their own, eliminating lengthy telephone interviews.2

Number three

Accelerate underwriting

WriteFit Underwriting™

Our WriteFit Underwriting program can speed up your client’s application through the underwriting process in as little as 24 hours.3


Number four

Enjoy paperless policy delivery

ePolicy Delivery

ePolicy Delivery provides you and your clients a completely paperless application experience with electronic signatures4 — and allows for life insurance policies to be signed, sealed and delivered in 7 days when used with WriteFit Underwriting.


Complete access on our secured site

Access these tools and more on our site for financial professionals.

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- (Independent Brokerage)

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Have questions or need assistance?

Your new business and sales teams are here to help walk you through the process.

New business questions

1-888-413-7860, option 2

Sales and illustration support

1-888-413-7860, option 1

1. eApp is available in all states but may not be available for all products. We also offer our customized Dynamic eApp, which is approved in all states except NY but may not be available for all products.

2. May not be available for some clients; feature is not available for SecureCare Universal Life, SecureCare™III, New York products and Drop Ticket.

3. After completion of the tele-interview. For eligible clients

4. Not available in all states or for all products

Please keep in mind that the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit.

This is a general communication for informational and educational purposes. The materials and the information are not designed, or intended, to be applicable to any person’s individual circumstances. It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation that anyone engage in (or refrain from) a particular course of action. Securian Financial Group, and its subsidiaries, have a financial interest in the sale of their products.

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